Miniature Senior Reflection Blogging Edition

As the end of my senior year approaches, I am beginning to wonder if I did the best I could during high school. Could I have aimed higher? Could I have achieved more? …Possibly. But realistically, I did spread myself pretty far over a wide range of activities. Examples for this include:  swim, art, job, traveling, school, friends, boyfriend, etc. Learning to balance my life was the most important lesson that I have learned so far.

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed that I chose to do this blog about swimming. Sure, swimming is a big part of my life, but there isn’t too much to write about. If I had thought of a topic that was a little broader, I know that I would have been able to express more of my knowledge onto this beautiful blog for all seven of my followers to read. (I know; I’m getting quite popular.)


In a way, I wish that I would have written about art. There is so much more to say, or to observe. Art communicates so many things that we aren’t even aware of, or that the artist wasn’t even aware of.

I wish that I could come up with a decent paying profession that involved using my mediocre art skills. I know that the best treatment for any bad day is to just sit down with some good music and let your emotions carry your paint brush across the canvas.


             Here are two of my old works from class. left, oil pastel. right, watercolor.

   Looking back, I wish that I would have done more with art. Yes, I know that I could not have possibly handled AP this year because of all of my activities, but in a way, I regret not trying. I hope that somewhere in college, I get to take an art class or two.


The Struggle (to Stay Fit) is Real

Even though I find myself done with competing for swim, I still feel guilty about missing practice. Not too guilty, but guilty enough to where I have to go to practice at least a few times a week.


I just really like food, and I can’t imagine my life without a constant way of working off the potential weight gain of my love for food.


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My coach is Wang Lungs uncle

You might be asking yourself, who the hell is Wang Lung? He is a character in a novel by Pearl S. Buck called The Good Earth. An honest man who works hard, going from simple country bumpkin to a great Lord in his town. As for his uncle, he is that annoying person you want to leave your house and never come back because he can’t seem to take a hint…hes that guy. And that guy is also my coach.

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And the Underdog Wins!

One of the greatest feelings of accomplishment is to overcome being the known underdog and to come up on top. Not only to win, but to just barely scrape up victory for an obscene upset in the last few seconds.


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